Introducing SpySee

The world's first on demand live stream app


Our Story

We started off with a vision to find a way to give viewers a way to view events and locations at their finger tips. Diving into the world of webcams and live streaming, we quickly realized that webcams lacked mobility and even quality.  We also needed a way for those live streaming from phones to find reimbursement for their data and time. What we created with the SpySee App is a way to see personal views of locations all around the world, live. In doing so, those streamers and people sharing their views are able to be paid directly for the time spent streaming.


App Features

On-demand live streaming


Live viewing access

View any location or event in real time

Control your view

Pick the streamer and control your view

Get paid for sharing

Streamers can get paid per minute per user


Common Questions

There are lots of questions for an app so unique

How much can I make from streaming?

There is no cap on what you can make. You will make between 80-90% of the total revenue from your stream. You can have multiple viewers watching your stream and each of them will be paying for each second they watch. The amount you make is dependent on how frequently you stream and how many viewers you have.

What locations can I see?

The reality is that anywhere there is a SpySee App user, is where you can see if they have a strong enough cell phone signal to live stream. We will be working on off-line streaming in the future. So spread the word so you can have users all over the world.

Is this for people to live stream themselves? Like twitch or Instagram? How is this different?

SpySee is intended to see events, locations, and activities. Sometimes the person streaming may be visible, but the intent is to allow people to see what they want, not who they want. Ratings and reporting will be enabled so that you will be able to get the highest quality viewing experience.

How much does this cost?

The app is free to download and the request to start a live stream from someone is $2.99 and then $.60 per minute. If the stream is disconnected within the fist 10 seconds from the streamer, then the viewer will not be charged. If you want to join a stream already in place, then you will simply be charged the $.60 per minute rate. These figures are in USD and will be adjust for those in other regions around the world.


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